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 Les épisodes

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Ze Lamélie
Friends Forever
Friends Forever
Ze Lamélie

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MessageSujet: Re: Les épisodes   Les épisodes - Page 7 EmptyMer 29 Mai - 18:38

en tout cas mon infirmier déteste autant le final que toi , il est dégouté , quand il m'en a parlé ce matin
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Cangel 'till the end
Cangel 'till the end

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MessageSujet: Re: Les épisodes   Les épisodes - Page 7 EmptyJeu 20 Juin - 21:47

Je crois que juste une petite minorité n'était pas dégoûté du final!

Un bon résumé de mon ressenti:

Citation :

Thoughts on 8.06

Going in, my expectations were not so much subverted as subducted. Ground down and dragged beneath the earth’s crust.

Can you go lower? Turns out you can’t. There’s nothing at the bottom the barrel but the bottom of the barrel. Which is both low, and totally predictable. This episode, this grand finale, left me feeling numb and thinking, “but of course. Why not.”

The first half of the episode was way more boring than the aftermath of burning down a city of hundreds of thousands had any right to be. But then so was the actual burning. The showrunners finally got that it’s about the journey, not the destination, as they filmed Tyrion walking, and walking, and walking. They changed it up with Jon walking places for a bit.

We get a bit more to establish that Dany’s totally evil, now - no, it’s still not from her PoV, you think we need explanations for why she’s gone all in on this war crimes thing? Characterisation? We see it all from Jon and Tyrion’s PoVs. Tyrion, once he’s finished walking places, speechifies and resigns. Then Jon visits Tyrion and Tyrion speechifies some more. The gist of it was that Jon should totally kill Dany.

This is what he was brought back for (and Bran says as much, later). This is it. Jon’s destiny. Killing Dany.

Gag me, please.

When it happens, the entire thing plays out like the writers got “Jon and Dany” mixed up with “Jaime and Cersei.” One couple dies at the uttermost end of their goals, spending their last moments reaffirming their love. Half the other couple fatally betrays the other half. Drogon melting down the Iron Throne was…a thing, sure, and a symbolic thing, but I couldn’t help but notice that the fire hot enough to melt iron also didn’t scorch Jon’s clothes, or even melt the fucking snow.

Timeskip. Tyrion is released from prison to go speak to a council of Westeros’ remaining lords and ladies. Which means more speechifying. It’s hard to express how profound this failure is. Excellent as Peter Dinklage is, his character has a real credibility problem. What has Tyrion done? What has he achieved? It’s been a long string of failures for him. Yet he talks and talks and talks and people keep listening to him.

Then, of course, he nominates Bran for king. Apparently Bran has the best story. Such a good story that Bran got dropped from the plot back in season five and, as he himself has said, literally has no motivation. Sure, why not. Arya kills the Night’s King despite having no connection to that plot, why shouldn’t Bran become king in King’s Landing despite having no connection to that plot? Guess we’ll go with that.

Of course, the Starks have their cake and eat it too when Sansa says the North will stay independent. Does this mean Bran’s going to renounce his kingship on the basis he’s not a citizen of the realm? Nope. Or that Bran’s going to do anything about half the landmass saying “outta here, bro!” Also nope.

Jon, for his part, is exiled. R+L=J did nothing and went nowhere, not even an identity crisis. It did not even lead him down the cliched path to the throne.

We then start with the epilogue in earnest. Gray Worm heads off to Naath with the rest of the Unsullied. Drogon is in Essos, where Dany presumably lies unburied and otherwise unmourned. Brienne is commander of the Kingsguard - she finishes Jaime’s page in the White Book (last seen getting shoved across a table as Jaime further invested in his relationship with Cersei), romanticising the hell out of all that evil shit he did for his sister/girlfriend. Bronn and Sam both got everything they ever wanted, no consequences, no nothing. Tyrion, too, is Hand of the King, basically ruling the place while Bran goes off looking for stuff.

What closed out the episode was the tri-Stark parallel of Jon, Sansa, and Arya, all stepping into new lives. Apart. Presumably never to see each other again. Sansa is crowned Queen in the North, Arya sails west of Westeros (much like Dany going mad, it was brought up once and therefore it’s totally developed), and Jon heads back beyond the Wall with all the Free Folk. End story.

What the hell happened to this series?

We start the story almost as we began it, but not in the good way. The Starks are scattered. A disinterested king rules in King’s Landing, propped up by factional nobles and a powerful Hand, no real scaffolding of stability around his rule. The White Walkers changed nothing. Dany changed nothing. No, she lost her battle with the human heart, was positioned as the greatest evil that had to be overcome in the story, and was killed for the greater good. Jon did nothing but kill her. The Free Folk just head right back on over the Wall to pick up where they left off. The wheel turns on, fundamentally unchanged. What is this story. Why is this story.

Why did we bother?

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Les épisodes
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