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 Really There

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Little miss addict
Little miss addict

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Date d'inscription : 30/06/2009
Age : 27
Localisation : In Star City with Oliver Queen

MessageSujet: Really There   Sam 19 Sep - 21:34

Auteur: yespleasehawkeye
Lien de l'originale:
Genre: Family
Catégorie: Oliver/Felicity, Thea
Résumé: Oliver and Felicity feel their baby moving for the first time Smile


When Thea arrives back at the foundry after a particularly long patrol, all she’s wanting is a shower, a glass of wine, and her bed - screw it, two out of the three would do her okay. Oliver had chosen to stay back at the last minute with Felicity, and she couldn’t fault him for that so she’d stayed out the extra hour.

She arrives back to a semi-dark room, with only the light of Felicity’s computer screens pooling light on the couple seated before it. Felicity seated in her usual chair, leaning back with her hands clasped at the top and bottom of her growing stomach, and Oliver at her side in another chair, though he was leaning almost double to be solely concentrated on that swell of life. Thea hears the soft whispers, the gentle smiles just ghosts across the room, and she tries to be quiet as she replaces her equipment.

She closes one drawer with a little more force than intended, and when she looks up Oliver is standing there, hands in his pockets and an emotional smile on his face. “Sorry,” she smiles as she turns to her brother. “You guys looked like you were having a moment.”

“We were,” he half-chokes out, stepping closer to her. “She’s just in the bathroom.”

“Again?” she teases. “What’s your kid doing to the poor girl, Ollie?”

“Kicking her bladder apparently,” Oliver says, and Thea’s gaze softens towards him. “Yeah, she’s…she’s kicking now.”

His grin is so watery, so undeniably happy that she’s embracing her older brother before she’s even thinking about it. The pregnancy hasn’t been easy on either of them - Felicity suffered too badly with morning sickness in the start, to the point she was hospitalised with it, and there had been a few other health concerns along the way. In short, they hit every possible streak of bad luck, so the fact that they have made it to the first kick, the first real sign of life…she knows what this means to them.

She knows why he stayed behind tonight.

“That’s the best news of the entire year,” she decides, pulling back and matching his grin.

He shakes his head as he’s gathering himself, but his smile stays. “It feels like a little nudge, like, you can actually feel it. She’s really in there.”

“She always was,” she reminds him.

“I know, but…Felicity felt her moving before, but to feel it myself?” He answers by releasing a shuddering breath. “I’m going to be a father.”

“A great one,” she nods.

Usually he denies it. Usually he tells her that he’s worried, that he’s scared, but today he is just happy. “I just uh…while Felicity’s…” he shuffles his feet. “Thank you, Thea.”

“For what?” she frowns slightly.

“It’s been a rough few months, and it means a lot to us both that you’ve been there for all of it,” he explains. “I know we never really talked about it properly, but all those hospital trips, you being there and waiting with us, keeping the media away, getting things ready for when we got home each time…it really means the world to us.”

“Ollie, don’t be ridiculous,” she tells him, rubbing her hand over his shoulder. “You guys are my family, it goes without question. I’ll do anything.”

“You reminded me a lot of Mom lately,” he tells her, then shifts his face and doubles back on his words. “The good parts of her. And I’m…I’m really glad that my daughter’s going to have a person like you in her life.”

“Mmm, you say that now,” she teases. “But wait until you see what I’m planning on teaching my niece.”

“I mean it, Thea, I-”

“I know,” she nods, and she leans up to kiss his cheek. “And I’m really glad that you have this, Ollie. This is the life that you were always meant to have.”

“I can’t wait for it to start,” he agrees.

“It already has,” she says, her gaze falling on Felicity coming out of the bathroom, rubbing her stomach as she did so. “So don’t miss a second of it.”

“I don’t plan on it,” he mumbles, following her gaze.

“Go,” Thea tells him, nudging him back towards Felicity. “Take her home, stay up all night, feel your girl kick,” she instructs him. “I can lock up here. Go have your sweet family moments at home, rather than in this basement.”

His smile is warm, and he turns back before he leaves. “We’ll see you at home soon?”

“Yes, so get the hot chocolate out, and keep Felicity and the baby awake,” she says, pointing her finger at him. “I’m going to want to feel that kick when I’m home.”

“I’ll keep poking her especially for you,” he jokes, and wanders back to Felicity, who’s waiting with a smirk on her face, and Thea laughs, calling after them.

“Don’t poke her too hard, that’s what got you into this trouble in the first place.”


~ ♥ ~
You know how much you mean to me, right? You’re the best thing to ever happen to me.
Gabby, I want you to remember us happy together and holding each other. You’re my miracle, Gabby. You’re my miracle. I love you.
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Cangel 'till the end
Cangel 'till the end

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MessageSujet: Re: Really There   Sam 29 Avr - 18:23

OMG la dernière phrase m'a tuée lol!

As usual avec ce couple, je ne peux que dire: awwwwww trop chou


You're a lot smarter than you look. Of course, you look like a retard ~ Cordelia Chase
This is it: Team Free Will. One ex-blood junkie, one dropout with six bucks to his name, and Mr Comatose over there. Awesome. ~ Dean Winchester
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Really There
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