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 ‘Supernatural’ and the Whedonverse: 20 Stars Who’ve Crossed Over

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Miss Kitty
How rare & beautiful it is to even exist ♥
How rare & beautiful it is to even exist ♥

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Date d'inscription : 29/06/2009
Age : 28
Localisation : Out of this World

MessageSujet: ‘Supernatural’ and the Whedonverse: 20 Stars Who’ve Crossed Over   Jeu 20 Oct - 0:38

+ ‘Supernatural’ and the Whedonverse: 20 Stars Who’ve Crossed Over +

Impressionnant le nombre de personnes du Whedonverse que l'on retrouve dans SPN ! ^^

Citation :
Charisma Carpenter

Supernatural Role: Maggie Stark
Whedonverse Role: Cordelia Chase on Buffy and Angel

Carpenter played spoiled cheerleader turned bad-ass vision-having higher being for three years on Buffy and four on Angel. Now she’s taking on an even more magical role as a witch on Supernatural.

Citation :
James Marsters

Supernatural Role: Don Stark
Whedonverse Role: Spike on Buffy and Angel

After countless years as the bleach-blond Spike, Marsters is far less scary as the adulterous husband of Carpenter’s witch on Supernatural.

Citation :
Amber Benson

Supernatural Role: Lenore
Whedonverse Role: Tara Maclay on Buffy

Tara was a sweet witch on Buffy but she got to play a real vampire on Supernatural, though she was still nicer than expected, leading a crew of kinder, non-murdering vamps.

Citation :
Mercedes McNab

Supernatural Role: Lucy
Whedonverse Role: Harmony Kendall on Buffy and Angel

McNab has the distinction of playing a vampire on three different shows, first as peppy Harmony on Buffy and Angel and then as a bloodthirsty vamp on Supernatural.

Citation :
Julie Benz

Supernatural Role: Layla Rourke
Whedonverse Role: Darla on Buffy and Angel

Darla was a scary vampire, but on Supernatural Benz showed off a different side of her acting ability as a woman who sought out a faith healer to cure her brain tumor.

Citation :
Amy Acker

Supernatural Role: Andrea Barr
Whedonverse Roles: Winifred Burkle/Illyria on Angel and Dr. Claire Saunders/Whiskey on Dollhouse

Acker was the first member of the Whedonverse to show up on Supernatural when she played a widowed mother whose son was saved by Sam and Dean in the third episode of the series.

Citation :
Jewel Staite

Supernatural Role: Amy Pond
Whedonverse Role: Kaylee Frye on Firefly

Staite’s unending adorableness helped make her Supernatural monster so sympathetic that her death was viewed as a bad thing.

Citation :
Mark Sheppard

Supernatural Role: Crowley
Whedonverse Role: Badger on Firefly and Agent Graham Tanaka on Dollhouse

Sheppard is an actor who shows up in nearly every sci-fi series soon or later, so it’s no wonder that, after appearing in two Joss Whedon shows, he popped up as the King of Hell on Supernatural.

Citation :
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Supernatural Role: John Winchester
Whedonverse Role: Sam Ryan on Angel

Fans know him as bad-ass John Winchester, but before they he showed up on an episode of Angel as a regular guy trying to kill a nest of vampires for revenge.

Citation :
Rob Benedict

Supernatural Role: Chuck Shurley
Whedonverse Role: Jape on Buffy

Before he was Chuck, prophet, author of the Supernatural book series and possible God, Benedict played one of Adam’s vampire henchmen on the fourth season of Buffy.

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Miss Kitty
How rare & beautiful it is to even exist ♥
How rare & beautiful it is to even exist ♥

Messages : 9233
Date d'inscription : 29/06/2009
Age : 28
Localisation : Out of this World

MessageSujet: Re: ‘Supernatural’ and the Whedonverse: 20 Stars Who’ve Crossed Over   Jeu 20 Oct - 0:38

Suite :

Citation :
Chad Lindberg

Supernatural Role: Ash
Whedonverse Role: Dave Kirby on Buffy

Something about Lindberg screams computer nerd. On Buffy he was one of the computer geeks who served Moloch, a demon living in a computer in a first season episode. On Supernatural he was the mullet-loving hillbilly hacker that helped Sam and Dean.

Citation :
Ridge Canipe

Supernatural Role: Young Dean Winchester
Whedonverse Role: Tommy on Angel

Before he was the younger version of Dean in the memorable season 3 episode “A Very Supernatural Christmas," Canipe showed up as a boy whose life force was stolen by evil puppets on a kids’ TV show, Smile Time. That episode was written and directed by Ben Edlund, who would LATER write for Supernatural.

Citation :
Aldis Hodge

Supernatural Role: Jake Talley
Whedonverse Role: Masked Teen on Buffy

Before being the guy who killed Sam in the season 2 finale of Supernatural, Hodge had a very minor role as a teenager who snuck up on Buffy in a monster mask on Halloween and got punched because she thought he was a real monster.

Citation :
Sam Hennings

Supernatural Role: Samuel Colt
Whedonverse Role: Senator Boxbaum on Dollhouse

Supernatural fans know him as the iconic real-life Old West inventor Samuel Colt who, in the show’s mythology, built a special demon-killing gun. He also showed up as a powerful client of the Dollhouse.

Citation :
Jeff Kober

Supernatural Role: Randall
Whedonverse Role: Rack on Buffy

Buffy fans will always know Kober as the warlock who got Willow addicted to magic in season 6, but he also showed up as a prisoner in a season 2 episode of Supernatural.

Citation :

Jack Plotnick

Supernatural Role: Ian
Whedonverse Role: Deputy Mayor Allan Finch on Buffy

Plotnick can wear many different hats as an actor. In a suit he was the Mayor’s deputy in season 3 of Buffy (the human who was accidentally staked and killed by Faith). But in jeans and a t-shirt he was one of Sam’s nerdy co-workers in an alternate reality where Sam worked for the IT department of a large company.

Citation :
Jack Conley

Supernatural Role: Sheriff Al Britton
Whedonverse Roles: Gib Cain on Buffy and Sahjhan on Angel

Conley has a wide variety of roles. He was a werewolf hunter on Buffy and then showed up as the timeshifting demon on Angel who helped bring vampire hunter Holtz into the modern world. On Supernatural he turned up as a small-town sheriff who obsessively cleaned his hands.

Citation :

John Rubinstein

Supernatural Role: Charlie the Magician
Whedonverse Role: Linwood Murrow on Angel

He might look like a nice old man, but that’s far from the case. On Angel he was a lawyer at Wolfram and Hart in charge of Special Projects and on Supernatural he was an evil magician who used real magic to stay alive forever.

Citation :
Todd Stashwick

Supernatural Role:
Whedonverse Roles: The M’Fsahnik Demon on Buffy and the Vocah Demon on Angel

Stashwick has a lot of credits without makeup, but on Supernatural and in the Whedonverse, he was always a monster. He was a demon summoned by Wolfram and Hart to fight Angel in the first season finale of Angel and on Buffy the nerds of season 6 summoned him as the M’Fashnik demon (as in “mmm, cookies"). On Supernatural he showed up in the special black-and-white monster movie episode as a shapeshifter who took the form of Dracula.

Citation :
Frederic Lehne

Supernatural Role: Azazel the Yellow-Eyed Demon
Whedonverse Role: Ranse Burgess on Firefly

Best known as the evil Yellow-Eyed Demon on Supernatural, Lehne turned up on Joss Whedon’s Firefly as a rancher waging war against a brothel.

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Cangel 'till the end
Cangel 'till the end

Messages : 23367
Date d'inscription : 29/06/2009
Age : 30
Localisation : In Jensen's arms

MessageSujet: Re: ‘Supernatural’ and the Whedonverse: 20 Stars Who’ve Crossed Over   Lun 24 Oct - 10:21

Total apparté, mais Heh, tu vois que tu l'avais bien posté lol!

Sinon, c'est vrai que c'est impressionnant! Mais je ne sais pas ce qui me surprend le plus, le nombre de guests en communs, ou le fait que pour une bonne partie, j'avais même pas tilté qu'ils étaient apparus dans le Jossverse lol!


“Woman? Is that meant to insult me? I would return the slap, if I took you for a man.” ~ Daenerys Targaryen
You're a lot smarter than you look. Of course, you look like a retard ~ Cordelia Chase
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MessageSujet: Re: ‘Supernatural’ and the Whedonverse: 20 Stars Who’ve Crossed Over   

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‘Supernatural’ and the Whedonverse: 20 Stars Who’ve Crossed Over
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